Quartz Products

Product Range

We offer a wide range of quartz products for various applications, some of which are shown below. Our quartz selections are products of 
Lianyungang Lanno Quartz Co., Ltd. Among the quartz products available are:

Quartz Tubes and Quartz Furnace Tubes

big translucent quartz tubesmall transparent quartz tubesmedium transparent quartz tube
large transparent quartz tubetranslucent quartz tubes

Quartz Boats and Crucibles

Quartz Boat example picture 1Quartz Boat example picture 2Quartz Boat example picture 3
Quartz Boat example picture 4Quartz Boat example picture 5

Customised Quartz Fabrication

customized quartz 1customized quartz 2customized quartz 3 
customized quartz 4

Advantages of quartz

♦  Clarity
Quartz is clear and colourless which makes for high clarity products. It is not only transparent for visible light but also for long wave UV radiations. Furthermore, quartz has a low coefficient of dispersion. All these characteristics make quartz a very useful material for laboratory and research instruments. If our clients so desire however, we can even make products from translucent quartz. 

  Hard and durable
Quartz typically registers a Mohs hardness of about 7 and produces scratch-resistant products.

  High thermal shock resistance
Quartz boosts extremely high thermal shock resistance, which means that thin sections of quartz can be rapidly heated to a high temperature, then rapidly cooled to a low temperature, without cracking.  

  Low coefficient of thermal expansion
Quartz exhibits very low distortion under changes in temperature.

  Chemically stable
The high chemical stability of quartz makes it desirable as tools for processes involving metals or chemicals.

Applications of quartz

Quartz products can be used for various purposes, such as:

  Lab Instruments and Chemical Wares
Quartz tubes, quartz rods, and quartz crucibles are used extensively in laboratories.

  Powder Calcination 
Precious metal refining, alumina calcination, metal casting, etc.

  Chemical Vapour Deposition
Quartz tubes are used in a lot of CVD processes.

  Fillers and Insulators
The thermal stability of quartz makes it suitable as to be used as insulators.

  Metal Refining
Quartz crucibles are often used in metal refining.


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