Chemical Vapour Deposition Systems (CVD)

We offer a range of laboratory-scale CVD systems for research and education purposes. Donewell differs from our competitors in that we offer a complete CVD system with the control system, the feeding system, the reaction chamber, the particle trap system and other systems and equipments readily assembled, tuned and calibrated according to our customers' needs for their utmost convenience. All the components are fully customisable with our professional engineers optimising the CVD systems according to the clients' requirements.  Our systems also provide the flexibility to perform CVD operations under various conditions, such as varying the CVD temperature, using different combinations and catalysts, or varying the flow rates of the feed gasses and solvents to study their effects. This is an ideal system for the process optimisation studies of CVD operations.

Carbon Nanotube CNT CVD ReactorCarbonizer system for Catalyst PreparationCVD feeding system

Product Highlights

→ Laboratory scale CVD system
 Complete system, supplied with:
  • Base frame
  • Control panel
  • Gas/metering feeding system
  • Liquid/metering feeding system
  • CVD reaction chamber
  • Solid particle trap
 Fully customisable
  • Assembly dimensions
  • Furnace length, diameter and type (tube furnace, split furnace, etc.)
  • With or without preheater
  • Other options as specified by clients
 Flexibility in function via adjustable operating conditions
  • Choice of gases
  • Control operating temperature
  • Control flowrate of feed gases and solvents
  • Gas/liquid combination
  • Selection of catalyst
  • Selection of solvent type
 Example applications:
  • Carbon Nanotubes (CNT) and nanomaterials preparation
  • Catalyst preparation



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